About the Artist

Brian Riegel

Powell, Ohio

Graduate of Worthington High School 1989

B.A. The Ohio State University 1994

M.S.A.School of Creative Arts at St. Francis

Brian Riegel

Growing up in suburbia, I noticed people threw away things rather than repurposing them. In contrast, my relatives who farmed repurposed items regularly. I became fascinated how the same object could be considered useful or garbage depending on the audience, and how quickly something valued could seem worthless. As a child, I was enamored with the “junk” on my relatives’ farm and watched my uncle transform discarded items into heroic parts necessary to repair a machine. Formerly important farm implements decayed and transformed into mysterious objects. Now I repurpose discarded and found objects into art, and searching for and incorporating interesting and unique pieces for my art can be as exciting as finishing a new creation.

My art is nostalgic as viewers recognize familiar items from the past, yet sees them in an unfamiliar and mysterious way. A favorite challenge is to take peoples’ once beloved, but now outdated objects and create something valuable that requires them to see the objects with a new perspective. My goal is for my art to inspire viewers to think creatively and consider repurposing before discarding.

Although much of my current work is client-based, I still find time to create for pleasure. I am passionate about incorporating broken or discarded musical instruments into my personal art. Their initial purpose was to entertain with beautiful sound, and I attempt to harness the residual creative energy and make something visually exciting.